An Educational Program for Uganda, Africa

Oysters & Pearls is an ongoing educational program inclusive of the blind with emphasis on teaching science, technology, engineering and math to students in Africa, primarily Uganda. We are also working with students on other educational curriculum such as wildlife, conservation and sports. We advocate opportunities for women.

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Join us at Technology Camp 2018!
January 10 – 24 at Gulu High School

Description of Courses for 2018

Foundational Robotics
This class is designed for Beginning Students who are unfamiliar with basic terms, hands-on electronics or robotics. Students will learn basic electronics by working with a microcontroller, various components, circuit design and sensors.

Advanced Robotics
This course is designed for students with some background in basic electronics and demonstrated past mastery of foundational concepts. Students will use Arduino MicroControllers and Raspberry Pi “computers” to explore more in-depth electronics through advanced robotics design. Prerequisite: Foundational Robotics

Software Programming
This course is for those with little or no prior experience or knowledge of computers who wish to become familiar with computer programming and Mobile application development. Students will use computer language and/or a mobile app programs to develop a project of their choice.

Foundations of Video Game Design
This class is for those with little or no prior experience in computer skills or game design. Students will design and program basic 2D and 3D games in Unity.

Advanced Video Game Design
This course is for experienced game designers who can demonstrate proficiency in the topics related to creating a game environment in Unity. Students will design and program intermediate to advanced 2D and 3D games in Unity. Prerequisite: Foundations of Video Game Design.

This class will focus on collaboration as a means to building a prototype that will solve a real-world problem to address a problem or marketplace gap to support any of the Sustainable Development Goals. Students will utilize advanced collaboration, design and technical skills to create a market-ready product to solve a problem or offer a solution for the marketplace.

Athletics & Sports
Open to all students. Daily sports periods with some competitions in Athletics, Soccer and Goalball (blind inclusive).

Led by renown Ugandan artist and ECOactivist, Reagan Kandole, this course is for all who attend Tech Camp. Each Tech Camp course will spend a minimum of a two-hour block in the first week with the ECOaction! group. Participants will create an art-based project to demonstrate how individual actions impact the environment.