Every hard-working team deserves a break, even if it is short. Two days after a couple of earthquakes rocked us to sleep, off we ventured to Murchison Falls National Park. In four years of touring this same park, one never grows tired of discovering what creatures are about. Some of the standouts included an albino Ugandan Kob, a puff adder who remained in the middle of the road for everyone to get still shots and video footage, a mock charge from a large bull elephant and a Cape Buffalo lying flat on the ground as well some beautiful giraffes and a couple of lions.

The development of oil production is now rather more noticeable – bright fluorescent towers dotting the horizon at night; and by day, several large vehicles transporting equipment disrupt the road traffic.

Sadly, the solitary male lion we saw meandering along the road around sunrise lost his brother to a snare last January. I remember first seeing that pair in July 2011. But, the three-legged male, called Butcher Man is alive and well and was reportedly mating a few weeks ago. We caught a distant glimpse of him by the Hippo Pool, walking stiffly with a full belly.