Donald K. Ross, New York City

I’ve known Sandra for nearly 40 years and I can’t remember any time I saw her more enthused and excited than when she returned from a long trip to Uganda in 2010.  When she was ready to go back, my wife Helen and I made a small donation to help her purchase equipment for students and teachers.  When we saw the pictures and heard her stories, we were hooked.  Go for it Sandra!

Lou W of Dallas TX

“When I found out about Sandra’s work in Uganda with the blind students and her inspiring efforts to help them succeed in the face of tremendous obstacles, giving seemed like a “no-brainer.” I continue to be humbled and inspired by her dedication to making a difference in the lives of young people half a world away.”

Dee Anne of Dallas, TX

Over the years I have donated money or time to various charitable organizations in hopes of making life a little better for others. I donate to Sandra’s Ugandan efforts because she inspires me with her gifts of vision and compassion. It is impressive to see someone do so much for others, efficiently and with such great heart. I trust her judgment as well as her abilities to assess what is needed – and honestly, she gets things done! I also appreciate that Sandra keeps us informed as to how our contributions are being utilized. It is an honor and blessing to be part of her growing group of supporters.

Linda of Dallas, TX

When my friend Sandra told me about the people in the village she visited, and how they welcomed her, it gave me a warm feeling for them. Hearing the compassion and the ideas she had to make getting around easier for these wonderful, fun-loving people made me want to support her efforts too. What could I do? Money seems so little, but it went to much-needed items like white canes (who knew they could customize them) and a plex talk. I laughed when San told me how they had to show her how they worked!! I love hearing her stories after her visits! There’s still a lot of work to do, so I plan to continue my support of making life a little better for the kids and adults that already have a challenge for learning. How could I not help?


It has been easy to support these projects because they so obviously do so much good in exactly the right way. They build on what the local people have started, so that you know they are doing what the community wants and needs.

Collier Thompson

I am passionate about children domestically and internationally. I chose to donate and will continue to donate to Oysters & Pearls because I see the direct results of my contribution. Most charities are so large that one never sees what happens to a personal monetary contribution.

Through the organization’s intimate knowledge of the children, community, and their challenges, I can follow the trips to Uganda and their daily documented journeys, which give each of us donor participants an immediate reward.
I have 3 children. This is the first charitable fund which has enabled me to get to know the children and the direct impact of my monetary contributions. Whether you choose to sponsor a child or give a general donation, the results are so tangible, that it is the next best thing to being there yourself to pick up the report card for each child!
This program delivers measurable outcomes to impoverished children who are visually impaired….and offers each donor an opportunity to see the results! I am in it to make a difference.

Kathy of Dallas, TX

Author Georgia Douglas Johnson is credited with saying, “Your world is as big as you make it.” That philosophy applies on a number of levels. Despite the fact I have not travelled to Uganda myself, the country has become a part of my world and my heart through my participation in a variety of well-executed projects.

Over the past several years, I have been able to participate in a number of ways, including volunteering my time producing educational materials, purchasing and donating needed items such as talking watches for the visually-impaired, and also making financial contributions.

There are a number of reasons I participated initially and continue to do so, chief among them is that I know with certainty my donations are being used effectively and are making a difference in numerous lives. The group continually evaluates what is needed, seeks successful and innovative solutions, and implements them, making alterations as needed.

My involvement has been personally rewarding and I am thankful for the opportunity to participate. I do believe “we are one.”

Larry S. of Dallas, TX

I am very careful regarding the charities and causes I support, but after seeing what was being done by Sandra in Africa for the visual impaired students, I was pleased to be able to offer support to the project. I very much like the idea that any type of donation in money or goods goes directly to some student in need of help. Great work here. One person can make a difference.