scholarship student.

Sometimes it is necessary to assist students with tuition and other school fees because of a number of challenges, particularly for the visually impaired (VI) and blind students. Some parents may not perceive the benefit of educating their VI or blind child. Such children are often ranked lowest when competing for scarce funding. Because of that we fully vet the child’s family and verify that they cannot afford the fees. Under such circumstances we will supplement or pay the full amount.

In providing such endowments we commit to one student at a time. In this way we can guarantee their scholarship for their entire High School education (Secondary 1-4 or “O” level and Secondary 5-6 or “A” Level.)


We do not check their grades or require a minimum achievement due to the many challenges they face in gaining access to the educational materials and the attitude of some educators who are not supportive. Instead, our goal is to assist in every way we can to help them become independent and less reliant on the help of others.

We welcome inquiries about providing a scholarship to a visually impaired student. There is a waiting list. We are especially looking to recruit more young women into the High School Blind Annex schools we support.