Technology Camp 2018

January 10 – 24

Tech-Camp-Flyer2018Who Should Attend
The program is designed for P7 – S6 students who want to learn more about technology and its application. The program is a hands-on access to robotics, drones, video game design, arts & crafts, and to experience Virtual Reality using Oculus and HTC Vive. All students will participate in Sports and Art programs .

The Program
Students design and prototype solutions to today’s problems such as climate change, access to clean water, using automation to monitor systems and collect data. In video game design, students will design a game for competitive play. Lastly students explore strategies to bring their designs to the marketplace. All students participate in Sports and Art programs. See our home page for the Curriculum.

Registration fee of 50,000 is all inclusive of room, board, materials and certificate.

To register, please either fill in the online form below, or download the PDF version, print it, and bring it to: Oysters & Pearls office at U-Touch Hub Gulu with your fee.
You may also call:

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Download Technology Camp Flyer!


Download Code of Conduct PDF


Download PDF Registration Form

(Pick up a hard copy at the office
if you can’t print it.)


Students report to Gulu High School Board Room between 1- 5pm on Wednesday January 10th. You can bring your registration form and payment then, but there is limited space, so please try to reserve ahead of time by calling 0706939414 or 0773929407 or by submitting the online form.

This is a residential program and students are expected to remain on campus for the duration of the program. If you want to leave for any reason, you must get permission and check out and check in when you return with the Camp Administrator. You will be working with a small team of students for your project and they will depend on your being available to collaborate and be an active participant. The curriculum is hands-on and requires you to be punctual and reliable in your attendance.

Please invite your families to attend the closing ceremony and showcase on Tuesday, Jan. 23rd from 2-5pm but plan on staying over on Tuesday night in order to celebrate with your teachers and fellow students.

We look forward to seeing you on Jan 10th!


  • Mattress, Bedding & Mosquito Net
  • Personal Drinking Cup
  • Basin & Washing Soap
  • Personal Hygiene Items
  • Lockable Suitcase or Backpack
  • Medications
  • Flashlight

Drinking water is provided in the classrooms. Phones are allowed but should remain off during class. If you bring a laptop, please register it with the Camp Administrator and never leave it unguarded in the dorm. You can check it with the Camp Admin during mealtimes or overnight for safekeeping. Bring athletic clothes and shoes. Dress code is casual, and should be modest. Bring one nice outfit if you plan to attend prayers.